Carl Johan & Martine (Olsdatter Mattisrud) Knudsen

Carl Johan's Baptismal Record from the Churchbooks in Bergen

(1) 1 Carl John Knutson
(Known as "Stor John" around Hawley, Minnesota where he lived as he was a large man)
Source information:
Bergen county, Domkirken, Parish register copy nr. B 3 (1849-1856), Birth and baptism records men 1852, page 45. #56

Hordaland, where Carl Johan was born, in Bergen.

Formerly called "Søndre Bergenhus Amt", Hordaland is located on the west coast of Norway. The county covers an area of 6,030 square miles (15,600 square kilometers), and is made up of five regions: Hardanger, which stretches from the coast up into the mountain area called Hardangervidda; Voss, which is an inland farming region; and the three coastal regions: Sunnhordland, Midthordland and Nordhordland. Most of the population of Hordaland live in towns along or near the fjords and coastline.
Hordaland fylke is split from southwest to northeast by the Hardangerfjorden, the second largest fjord in Norway. This great tourist attraction extends 114 miles (183 kilometers) from the Atlantic ocean into Hordaland county. An eastern branch of the Hardangerfjord, the Eidfjord, extends 15 miles (24 kilometers) to the quaint village of Vik near the Vøringfoss, a waterfall 535 feet (163 meters) high. A southern branch of the Hardangerfjord, the Sørfjord, divides the mountain plateu called the Hardangervidda. At the head of Sørfjord are the village of Odda and the famous Skjeggedalsfoss, a waterfall 525 feet (160 meters) high. The Hardangervidda, a mountain plateau, rises to 6,153 feet (1,875 meters) in the Hardangerjøkel mountain.
Fishing, farming, and manufacturing (including chemicals and metal goods) are the chief occupations, but tourism is also an important source of income in this county. The city of Bergen is the capital of Hordaland. It is Norway’s second largest city and a major shipping center.


Birth: 11 Apr 1852, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Christen: 25 Apr 1852, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Death: 20 Feb 1933, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Burial: Hegland Church Eglon Township Hawley Minnesota
Father: Knud Pedersen Rye (1814-1861)
Mother: Ingeborg "Isabel" Gulbrandsdatter "Gilbertsen" (1820-1896)

Martine's Baptismal Record from the Churchbooks in Løten

Spouse: Martine Olsdatter Mattisrud
Source information:
Hedmark county, Løten, Parish register (official) nr. 6 (1832-1849), Birth and baptism records 1845, page 204-205. #60

Martine's Mother and sister also came to America and settled at Hawley, Minnesota. Her brother stayed in Norway, was married, but had no children. Martine's parents were divorced in the 1865 census, which was quite rare in Norway. I do not know what happened to her father.

Ole Hansen's birth & baptismal records. He is # 31.

Source information: Hedmark county, Løten, Parish register copy nr. 1 (1812-1832), Birth and baptism records 1819, page 104-105.
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(1) 1 Ole Hansen Mattisrud
Birth: 11 Sep 1819, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Christen: 17 Sep 1819, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Father: Hans Olsen Nordset (1782-1862)
Mother: Marthe Andersdatter Aaserudsveen (1784-1853)

Not listed in the 1865 census. (Ole, her father)

Here in 1900 census:
* Census year: 1900
* Municipality: Loten
* Municipality number: 0415
* Name of domicile: Klettesveen

Number of persons in this domicile: 3
Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
August Klettesveen hf ug Selveier og Skogsarbeide 1869 Loten
Karen Klettesveen fl e Foderaadskone i Huset hos Sonnen 1841 Loten
Ole Mathisrud fl g Bortleiet af Fattigvæsenet 1819 Loten

Olia/Olea is #37 on the right page

Source information:
Hedmark county, Vang in Vang, Parish register (official) nr. 7 (1813-1826), Birth and baptism records 1820, page 159-160.
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Spouse: Olia Engebretsdatter Skougen Prestegardseie
Birth: 30 Mar 1820, Vang Hedmark Norway
Christen: 28 May 1820, Vang Hedmark Norway
Death: 9 Aug 1910, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Burial: 1910, Hegland Church Eglon Township Hawley Minnesota
Father: Engebret Eriksen (1774-1833)
Mother: Anne Olsdatter Dalby (1788-1863)
Marriage: 27 Dec 1840, Loiten Hedmark Norway

Eline (1842-1917)
Martine (1845-1932)
Anders (1848-)

(2) 1.1a Eline Olsdatter Mattisrud*
Birth: 1 Mar 1842, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Death: 1917

Clay County Family Album
Taylor Publishing Co. 1976

Mr and Mrs Ernest C. Grue and daughters Regina, five, and Emma, three set out from St. Peter. Minnesota in 1877 to find a new home in the West. They drove two covered wagons and brought their four horses, a colt, two pigs, chickens, geese, plant bulbs, rhubarb and other roots to help them get started in a new location.
Some friends of theirs who traveled along with them staked out claims tor homesteads at Wild Rice River. But the Grues continued on until they came to a small lake on the west side of the trail. On a hill nearby was a good grove of oak trees Silver Lake was visible from the hill—about a mile west. They decided to make their home there, presently a game refuge.
Three miles to the north was a little town consisting of one store, a saloon and a large house called Hawley, in addition to a few other houses scattered about. The store was owned by a dark Norwegian, Christian Nelson
Ernest Grue bought a yoke of oxen for breaking the land and heavy hauling. Then the real work began. Elina had to lead the oxen up and down the rows, walking many miles a day, while Ernest guided the crude hand plow. Sometimes flies and mosquitoes bothered the oxen and they jerked their heads so violently that the ropes Elina held blistered her hands And sometimes, when the plow hit an obstacle such as a rock, it did so with such force that Ernest would go sprawling. Evenings were busy times, also, for the log cabin had to be built.
Gradually the Grues became established on their new homestead. Two more daughters were born to them, first Mary, then Lena. Always there was much work: breaking land, milking cows, churning butter, making soap and lump sugar, and baking bread. Like most pioneer homesteads, there seemed to be no end to the tasks. Wood was burned for fuel in winter, so trees had to be cut down, hauled, sawed and split. Several times a month Elina would set out very early in the morning for the Smyser farm near Glyndon, riding in a lumber wagon. She would sell butter there, then drive home again-not getting there until the evening.
One day when both the older Grue’s were away and the little girls were home alone, there was a loud knocking at the door. The girls knew that Indians were around, so terrified, they ran and hid in the inner room. When it was quiet they stole out and looking into the cold barrels of two big shotguns which had been thrust into the open window. In fear they ran to the door and opened it. There stood two sullen-looking Indians.
“Bread!” they commanded. The girls took out several loaves of home baked bread to them and they went away. The next morning the Indians brought the Grues some ducks they had shot in return for the bread. Whenever they stopped to ask for bread of the Grues, the Indians would always leave ducks to repay them.
The winters were cold, money was scarce and the ever present hard work served to draw the early settlers closer. They felt they had to help one another. When a pioneer woman was going to give birth to a child, for instance, another woman would go to her home to act as midwife. Eline Grue often served in that capacity, also.
By 1882, the Grues had proved up their claim and Ernest built the Northwestern Hotel in Hawley in the general area of the present depot, and the family moved into town. This was soon a very busy place, also, as there were always strangers going through or working around Hawley, needing a place to board and room.
The Northwestern Hotel was the meeting place place for different groups in the village; the first meeting of the Hawley Lutheran Ladies Aid was held there.
In 1897 Eline Grue bought an organ from Dyer Brothers of St. Paul that had the unique distinction of having a bell attachment. This stood in the dining room and was considered something very special in those days. Many parties were held in the dining room, with young people from all around Hawley attending, joining in games, dancing, and their music.
The Grue girls had to work very hard on account of all the tasks that needed doing at the hotel. There was always cleaning to be done, many lamps to fill with kerosene, lamp chimneys to clean-besides helping serve meals in the dining room.
One morning Emma Grue was scrubbing the dining room floor. Charles W. Sill (also known as Wesley, he was the oldest son of Peter P. Sill) came in and found her on her hands and knees, hair falling over her eyes, face flushed and bare-foot. He introduced himself, telling her he farmed south of Hawley. “There is no country school teacher out in my district,” he said. “Would you come out there and teach”
Emma was just 16 and inexperienced, but he had heard that she was a good student in school. She accepted this induction into the teaching profession. She taught several years and then married Charles Lisland, moving to Moland Township and then later to Sebeka.
When the Northern Pacific railroad tracks were rerouted through Hawley, the Grues had to move their hotel to its present site, two blocks west of the depot, in order to make room for it.
Regina Grue married Andrew Dahl of Eglon Township. They lived in Hawley several years, then moved to Bellingham, Wash.
Mary and Lena Grue had a double wedding in the Hawley Congregational church in 1895. Mary married James Jammes and Lena married Axel W. Peterson. Mary’s bridesmaid was Maggie O’Donnell, Hawley’s first white child. Lena’s bridesmaid was Mabel Brown. Axel’s best man was his brother, Magnus F. Peterson, and James Jammes’ best man was Nicholai Nelson.
Eline Grue continued to operate the hotel after her husband died but when she retired, it was sold to Charles W. Sill.

IGI Individual Record FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0
Marriage: 16 JAN 1868 Loten, Hedmark, Norway
Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.
Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
M423633 1850 - 1877 0124294 Film NONE
Sheet: 00
Kirkeboker, 1694-1929 Den Norske kirke. Loten prestegjeld (Hedmark)

Left Norway with her husband, Rikkard Simonsen and two daughter’s in May of 1870.
Digitalarkivet: Utflyttede fra Loten 1814-1891

Confirmation: Source information
Parish name:Loten
Register: Parish register (official)
Number (archival reference):7
Period:1850 - 1859
Location:Regional State Archives of Hamar Page 152

Spouse: Ernest Christiansen Grue (Second marriage)
Birth: 8 Feb 1837
Death: 28 Dec 1894, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
The Grue Sisters
l-r Mrs. Jammes (Mary), Mrs. Crowley (Mary), Either Regine or Emma in the middle and Mrs. Axel Peterson (Lena)
Emma Theodora (1875-1922)
Mary (1877-)
Lena C. (1879-)

Other spouses: Rikart Simensen Andraa Store

(2) 1.1b Eline Olsdatter Mattisrud* (See above)

Spouse: Rikart Simensen Andraa Store
Birth: Rendalen Oppland Norway
Marriage: 16 Jan 1868, Loiten Hedmark Norway

Selma Olava (1868-)
Regine (1869-1947)

Other spouses: Ernest Christiansen Grue

(2) 1.2 Martine Olsdatter Mattisrud
Birth: 3 Jun 1845, Loiten, Hedmark, Norway
Christen: 24 Aug 1845, Loiten, Hedmark, Norway
Death: 13 Dec 1932, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Burial: 1932, Hegland Church Eglon Township Hawley Minnesota
Immigration: Sep 1870, Waco Texas

* Census year: 1865
* Municipality: Loten
* Municipality number: 0415
* Name of domicile: Benningstad store

Number of persons in this domicile: 10.

Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Birth place Ethnicity
Arne Johnsen Husf g Gaardb og Selveier 1810 Loitens Prgj.
Johanne Embretsdatter hans Kone g 1827 Loitens Prgj.
Jorgen Arnesen deres Son ug hjelper Faderen med Gaardbruget 1849 Loitens Prgj.
Johan Kristofersen ug Tjenestedreng 1836 Romdal Prgj.
Martine Olsdatter ug Tjenestepige 1845 Loitens Prgj.
Eline Pedersdatter ug Tjenestepige 1827 Loitens Prgj.
Embret Olsen sidsnævntes Son ug 1859 Loitens Prgj.
Regine Olsdatter ug Lægds-Len 1856 Loitens Prgj.
Mari Helgesdatter hendes Moder e Foderaadskone 1796 Loitens Prgj.
Andreas Embretsen hendes Son ug opholder sig af Moderens Foderaad 1833 Loitens Prgj.

Leaving Norway in 1870:
Digitalarkivet: Emigrants from Oslo 1867-1930 (incomplete). [288806/523]
All rights: Digitalarkivet
Record 19717-19722 of 259039 total in The database
Harbour No. Year Month Day Given name Last name Sex Status Occupation Age Residence Destination Remarks Foreigners Freight Line
19717 Oslo 2079F 1870 Sept. 16 Martine Olsdatter Binningstad f u 25 Loiten, Hedm. Galverston, Texas 4361 Norsk Spd. 469,72 Albion

Hedmark-Where Martina was born

Formerly called "Hedemarken Amt", Hedmark fylke (county) is located in eastern Norway, along the border with Sweden. (The border between Hedmark and Sweden is 352 kilometers - 219 miles - long). To the north of Hedmark is Sor Trondelag fylke, to the west is Oppland fylke, and to the south is Akershus fylke.
Norway's longest river, Glomma, which is 601 kilometers long - 373 miles - flows through Hedmark from north to south. A second water feature in this fylke is Lake Mjosa, which lies between Hedmark fylke and Oppland fylke. This is Norway's largest lake - 365 square kilometers in area (140 square miles) and 449 meters (1,473 feet) deep.
Hedmark is Norway's 3rd largest fylke, and agriculture in various forms are central to its economy. Timber is one of its most important economic resources - 47% of the land area of Hedmark is made up of forests that are actively harvested. Hedmark is also Norway's largest grain producer, growing 22.1% of Norway's total grain crop (wheat, barley, and oats). In addition, it is Norway's largest producer of potatoes.

Birth: 3 Jun 1845, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Christen: 24 Aug 1845, Loiten, Hedmark, Norway
Death: 13 Dec 1932, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Burial: 1932, Hegland Church Eglon Township Hawley Minnesota
Immigration: Sep 1870, Waco Texas
Father: Ole Hansen Mattisrud (1819-)
Mother: Olia Engebretsdatter Skougen Prestegardseie (1820-1910)
Marriage: 25 Jul 1880, Solem Church Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota

Christian (1881-)

Ole Andrias (1884-1943)
Ida Olava (1883-1967)
Ollie (1887-1979)
Joren (1889-1892)

(2) 1.3 Anders Olsen Mattisrud
Birth: 9 Jan 1848, Loiten Hedmark Norway

Lived here in 1900 Census of Norway:
* Census year: 1900
* Municipality: Loten
* Municipality number: 0415
* Name of domicile: Bakstad

Living here in 1865 Census of Norway:
* Census year: 1865
* Municipality: Vang
* Municipality number: 0414
* Name of domicile: Arnseth ostre med Gransodegaard

Spouse: Sidsel Jensdatter
Birth: 1834, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Death: 1909, Loiten Hedmark Norway
Marriage: 26 May 1876, Loiten Hedmark Norway

(2) 1.1 Christian Knutson

Christian Knutson

Birth: 1881, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Spouse: Mathilde
Virginia Caroline Martina (1917-1998)

(2) 1.2a Ole Andrias Knutson*
Birth: 29 Dec 1884, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Death: 10 Sep 1943, Ulen, Clay County, Minnesota
Spouse: Inger Margrethe (Margaret Inger) Syvertsen
Birth: 21 Sep 1887, Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway
Christen: 23 Oct 1887, Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway
Death: 31 Jul 1960, Ada, Norman County, Minnesota
Father: Hans Jorgen Syvertsen (1857-1929)
Mother: Maren Bredine Mortensen Dybedahl (1858-1939)

Ole & Margaret (Syvertsen) Knutson
Marriage: 23 Jun 1919, Alexandria Minnesota

Helene Margaret (1920-1976)
Harriet Marie (1923-1964)
Verna Ruth (1926-)
Harold Vincent (1928-1989)

Other spouses: Emma J. Bjerke

(2) 1.2b Ole Andrias Knutson* (See above)
Ole & Emma (Bjerke) Knutson

Spouse: Emma J. Bjerke
Birth: Jan 1887, Clay County Minnesota
Death: 5 Feb 1915, Clay County Minnesota
Father: Nils Nilsen Bjerke (1850-1915)
Mother: Catherine Rudsholman (1858-1935)
Marriage: Minnesota

Mildred Adeline (1909-1982)
Orville Waldo (1911-1976)
Niles Jannard (1913-1989)
Kermit Elsworth (1914-1978)

Other spouses: Inger Margrethe (Margaret Inger) Syvertsen

(2) 1.3 Ida Olava Knutson
Birth: 7 Mar 1883, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Death: 16 May 1967, Riverside County California

Spouse: Andrew Swenson

(2) 1.4 Ollie Knutson
Birth: 15 Apr 1887, Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota
Death: 3 Aug 1979, Detroit Lakes Becker County Minnesota

Spouse: Frank Crowley
Birth: 1877, Illinois
Death: 19 Jul 1944, Clay County Minnesota

Francis Leo (1918-1991)
Curtis Orion (1920-1957)
Vernon Leroy (1921-1994)
Jerome Bernard (1923-)
John Emmett (1925-2005)
Ione Mechtildes (1928-)
David Ellsworth (1932-1993)

(2) 1.5 Joren Knutson
Birth: 7 Jun 1889, Eglon Township Clay County Minnesota
Death: 28 May 1892, Eglon Township Clay County Minnesota

Joren died from drowning.
On page 8 of the Friday, June 3, 1892 News, under the Hawley
News section there was this:
"Last Friday Mrs. C. J. Knutson missed one of her children, a girl about three years old. The family began hunting for her, and found the body in a ravine a short distance from the house. The other children had gone to a neighbor's, and they suppose the little one followed them, and fell into the water and drowned."

Name: Carl Johan
Residence: Bergen, Bergen, Norway
Christening date: 25 Apr 1852
Christening place: Bergen, Bergen, Norway
Birth date:
Birth place:
Father name: Knud Pedersen Rye
Father name note:
Mother name: Ingeborg Guldbrandsdatter
Mother name note:
Gender: Male
Death date:
Name note:
UDE batch number: I03660-3
Date range:
Record group: Norway-EASy
Film number: 123711
Collection: Norway Baptisms 1700-1900

Carl Johan Knutson

Carl J. Knutson is a farmer in Eglon township, Clay County, with a varied and interesting history, and is a living demonstration of the fact that no difficulties and hindrances are enough to defeat a man determined to rise to dignity and independence in the great northwest if he is only willing to be industrious, honest and persistent. Mr. Knutson was born in Walders, Norway, in 1853 or 1851, and was left fatherless when a young child, and when he was about six or seven years old the family came to the United States settling on a farm in Houston County, Minnesota. There he was reared and given such education as the public schools of the day afforded. When he was about nineteen years old he struck out in the world for himself, and in 1871 came to Eglon township, Clay county, where he was employed by the farmers of that community for a number of years. At the time of his arrival in Clay county he visited Moorhead, which then gave little promise of its future importance, as it consisted of a few tents and shanties. In 1872, and again in the summer of 1873, Mr. Knutson took service as a boat hand on the Red River, and made many trips to Winnipeg. Later he was employed on the famous Dalrymple farm, and in the course of the next few years travelled all over the northern part of the state and largely over North Dakota. When the Northern Pacific and the Great Northern Railroads were put through Clay County he was engaged in the work. Mr. Knutson was married in 1880 to Martina Olson. She was born in Norway, and came to the United States in 1871. She lived two and a half years in Texas, and lived in North Dakota before coming into Minnesota in 1876. They have four children: Christ, who was born in 1881; Ida O., born in 1883; Ole A., in 1884; and Ollie, in 1887. All were born in Eglon Township, where the wife had previously taken a homestead farm and in 1880 engaged in its development. He also bought railroad land and began farming with a fine tract of land at his command. Beginning with very little, he farmed with oxen some six or seven years. His first crop of wheat was one hundred and fifty-five bushels from eight acres. While Mr. Knutson has no very phenomenal crops to report, he has kept steadily at work, and he and his wife now own a fine farm of two hundred and sixty acres, with about one hundred and sixty under cultivation. In his political views he affiliates with the Populist party, and has been assessor of the town many years, and school clerk some fourteen years. He helped organize the school district, and was chairman of the board of supervisors five years, his term of office expiring in March, 1901. He has taken an active and leading part in local politics, and has been a delegate to many conventions. Mr. Knutson and his family are members of the Lutheran Church, and are among the most respected and popular people of the community.
INDIVIDUAL_NOTE Taken From The Compendium Of History And Biography, Page 1032.

1905 Clay County Personal Property Taxlist
Knutson C J
Eglon Township
School District 61
Carl Johan & Martine Knutson

Carl Johan Knutson Called by Death
Infirmatives incident to old age, caused the death Monday morning at 4 o’clock of Carl Johan Knutson, aged 82 years, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Andrew V. Swenson. For several months Mr. Knutson had been in poor health, but only the past month was he unable to leave his bed. His condition gradually became weaker until the death summons came this week.
Carl Johan Knutson was born in Valders, Norway, April 11, 1851 and came to America with his mother, Mrs. Ingebor Hanson in 1858. He lived in La Crosse, Wisconsin for a time, leaving there for Houston, Minnesota where he lived until 1871 when he came to Hawley.
On July 25, 1880, he was married to Martine Olson in Salem Church, Eglon Township. Mr. and Mrs. Knutson continued to make their home in Eglon Township on the farm taken as a homestead by Mrs. Knutson before their marriage, until last November, when they moved to Hawley. For years Mr. Knutson was a member of the school board in District 61, and for 29 years served on the town board.
On July 25, 1930, members of the Heglund church, of which Mr. and Mrs. Knutson were charter members and constant workers down through the years, honored this estimible pioneer couple by celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.
Mr. Knutson is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Andrew Swenson and Mrs. Frank Crowley, of Hawley; two sons, Ole of Ulen and Christian of Minneapolis and 16 grandchildren. Also a brother, Christ Hanson of Burien, Washington.
At the church he helped establish in early days, funeral services will be conducted Friday afternoon., following services at the Thysell Funeral parlor. Rev Jonas Helland will officiate and burial will be made in the church cemetery beside his wife, who died December 13, 1932.
Pall bearers were Joakim Krogh, L.J. Mostrom, Louis Larson, August Rodke, Anton Hagen and Martin Dahl.

Minnesota Death Certificate CertID# 1933-MN-002620

Carl Johan, Martine and Mildred, their oldest grandchild

Martine Olson
Martine Olson, who came from Norway in the late 1870’s, homesteaded in Section 30, Eglon Township, Clay County, Minnesota. Martine Olson was a sister of Mrs. Eline Grue of Hawley.
In 1880 she married Carl Johan Knutson who was born in Valdres, Norway in 1851 and who came to America with his mother, Mrs. Ingeborg Hanson in 1858.
They came first to La Crosse, Wisconsin and then to Houston County, Minnesota, then in 1871 came to Hawley, Minnesota. They made their home on this farm until retiring and moving into Hawley. Mr. Knutson was active in township matters, serving as Supervisor for many, many years.
This farm was usually spoken of as the Knutson farm and John was often spoken of as “Big John” as he was a tall man. Mr. Knutson died in 1933. Mrs. Knutson died in 1932.
Children: Christian, Ole-born 1884-died 1943-married Emma Bjerke of Ulen, Ida-Mrs. Andrew Swenson-went to California, Ollie-Mrs. Frank Crowley.

Mrs. Carl Johan Knutson, 82, Dies Tuesday
Mrs. Carl Johan Knutson, 87, one of Eglon’s earliest pioneers, passes away at 3:30 Tuesday morning, December 13, after an illness of a few weeks at her home in Hawley. Both Mrs. Knutson and her husband have been in poor health owing to advanced age and had moved into Hawley this fall, where their daughter, Mrs. Ida Swenson could give them every assistance possible.
Mrs. Martine Knutson was born May 8, 1845 (Actual birth from Church Book states she was born June 3, 1845) at Loitens Prestehjeld Hedemarken, Norway. Her parents were Loia (Olia) Engebretson and Ole Olson Matthisrud. She came to America in September 1879 (1870), going directly to Waco, Texas, where she was employed for two and a half years. Leaving Texas, she moved to St. Peter, Minnesota and after residing there for a short time, came to Hawley and took a homestead in Eglon Township. On July 25, 1880 she was married to Carl Johan Knutson, who in the early days carried the mail from Oak lake (Near Lake Park) through Rollag vicinity. Following their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Knutson farmed the homestead which had been taken by Mrs. Knutson, until recent years.
Funeral services will be conducted from the home at one o’clock Friday afternoon and at 2:30 from the Hegland Church with Rev. Jonas Helland officiating. Mrs. Knutson was a charter member of the church and a faithful worker.
Survivors are her husband, and four children, Christian Knutson, Minneapolis; Ole Knutson, Ulen, Minnesota; Mrs. A. V. Swenson, Hawley; and Mrs. Frank Crowley, Hawley, Minnesota.
Pallbearers will be Anton Hagen, Joakim Krogh, L.G. Mostrom, Lewis Larson, Dan McGregor and August Rodke.

Martine received her Naturalization papers in Clay County of Minnesota. She homesteaded land in Section 30 of Eglon Township.

Minnesota Death Certificate CertID# 1932-MN-002605